Founder of LABYRINTHISM                    



Labyrinthism is not only an artistic and literary movement, but it is also a way to conceive the life through the art. Modern man has retreated himself in his inner labyrinth, obstructed by the evil of living, so the art must be a cognitive and therapeutic means which lets the ego to go out from labyrinth. The writer, the poet, the artist and the common man are already dissociated and unresolved "Ulysses", urged by their inner feelings. It is the dejection of  “being here” (Das Ein)  to put the man in a perspective devoid of  physical and possible points of reference, in a stagnant and annular wait, incarnation of a perennially deluded existence, space-time dimensions take to nothing. Solitude and no communication make the modern man monad: in comparison to chronological time or modern production time, the art must address itself to the conscience instant.  

The life is, in fact, a close, annular and memory delirious world, oppressed by a cloture sense  which derivates from the isolation and the ambiguous space perceived as something suffocating where the horizon appears also in the verge of two abysses, one of the external maze (or world), the other of inner labyrinth (or Ego).

The loss of the surface faces the ineluctability of the death, and the chaos and contradiction, impenetrable witness of real.

If the world is an absurd, inform and contradictory magma, because life events are illogical, substantially Labyrinthism Weltaschauung  propose the labyrinth adventure which becomes the story of whom surfaces from his inner abyss and becomes conscious of his unconscious. Only who knows and liberates his unconscious from the labyrinth, leaves his ideological sheepism (this new term means the idea of following the others as load of sheep).   

Who doesn’t stop his life, by adopting masques to exorcise the pain, understands and accepts that the existence is a no sense Gordian knot.   

Discovering the liberation path which leads to the leaving the labyrinth means knowing the path which conducts to the centre which symbolizes the absolute union and Es emancipation. Labyrinthism is a vision of life through the art, which has to liberate the man from his Super-Ego dominance. 

Labyrinthism is a movement  in fieri which waits for poets, writers, painters, artists, musicians, photographs and actors, who express through the art the redemption from the labyrinth.

The art is Ariadne’s thread which permits the flight from the labyrinth.

prof. Massimiliano Badiali